About Us

Founded in 2012, Invictus Medical is a privately owned Delaware C Corporation with headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Our first product to market was the GELShield™ extracranial pressure-relief device for hospitalized infants. Currently, we are exploring active noise reduction technology for use in neonatal intensive care units.

Our Vision: To improve the lives of newborns and the individuals who care for them.

Our Mission: To secure early healthy development in newborns by providing innovative products, services, and solutions to the healthcare professional and consumer markets.

Our Commitment to Quality: Invictus Medical is committed to providing safe and effective medical products and high levels of service to the healthcare and consumer markets.

Our Team

With a team of experienced professionals, the launch of the GELShield™, and more innovations on the horizon, we believe Invictus Medical is poised to make a significant impact within the medical device industry.

Board of Directors

Executive Leadership

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