Neoasis™ is a non-contact device that can reduce noise levels in a space. It’s A.N.A. Technology™ does this by broadcasting a cancelling sound wave in response to the analyzed sound environment. Using calculations performed in a few microseconds, the system determines the optimum sound wave at that moment needed to minimize the sound pressure level over the greatest area. Additionally, the system provides a means to add a voice to the cancelling sound wave to allow directed communication between parent or caregiver and the infant. Neoasis™ may work in conjunction with an infant incubator.

The system comprises a set of speakers directed towards the head of the infant to provide the cancelling sound wave, an error sensor also positioned near the infants head, a reference microphone positioned away from the infant, and a control unit in communication with all of the other elements of the system.



Incubator Test Data

Using a test audio signal, the system was able to attenuate the sound inside an incubator as shown. The attenuation measurements represent the reduction in sound pressure levels inside the incubator when the system is activated.  The cartoon of the infant’s head shows the location of the mannequin used during testing.

Note that decibels (dB) is a logarithmic scale. The table below shows the percent change in the sound pressure level corresponding to the change in dB.

 Change in dB Reduction in sound pressure
 6 50%
 10 69%
 20 90%
 30 97%

Components Of System

Control unit, front face and home screen


Assembly of the pieces inside the incubator

Outside noise sensor positioned on the outside of the incubator

FDA Status

Neoasis™ hasn’t been reviewed by the FDA.

Neoasis™ isn’t available for sale yet.